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Civil War Trails

Civil War Trails is an innovative national network that traces the paths of Union and Confederate forces across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D. C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  Organized around different campaigns of the Civil War these trails, and sites along the trail, allow travelers to experience the Civil War in a way that uniquely connects them to the land where events unfolded. Seven Charles City sites are a part of the Virginia Civil War Trails. Interpretive exhibits are located at four of these sites and may be viewed by clicking on the links to the left. The three remaining sites tell their Civil War stories in their own signage and tours.

Harrison's Landing Pictured to the left: Headquarters, Fifth Army Corps, Harrison's Landing, James River, Va., August 1862. This image and the one above courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Located along and near the James River, each of the James River plantations, large and small, figured in Civil War History. Berkeley and nearby Westover were the final stop in Union Gen. George McClellan’s campaign to take Richmond in the 1862 Peninsula Campaign. Thousands of soldiers camped on the banks of the river after the battle of Malvern Hill. Shirley Plantation hosted a hospital for a time. Sherwood Forest, home of President John Tyler, was damaged by occupying troops. A restored riverside fort at Wilson’s Wharf (Fort Pocahontas) hosts an annual reenactment and is open for special events and pre-planned tours. Smaller plantations, Edgewood, North Bend, and Piney Grove, feature their own Civil War-oriented stories. Gen. U. S. Grant’s remarkable James River crossing in 1864 is told at North Bend and at Lawrence Lewis, Jr. Park, known in the Civil War as Willcox’s landing.

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Civil War Trails PDFs:
North Bend
Piney Grove
Stuart's Ride: Coffee at Rowland's
Stuart's Ride: Safe amoung Friends and Family
Willcox's Landing

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