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Country Stores

Adkins' Store

Adkins’ Store
9900 Lott Cary Road

Full convenience country store with a deli serving pizza, fried chicken and hamburgers. Large variety of grocery items. Located at the intersection of Lott Cary Road and Adkins Road.

Phone: (804) 829-2761

Colonial Mart

Colonial Mart
8411 Roxbury Road

Modern convenience store with deli serving hamburgers, fried chicken and subs. Conveniently located on Route 106 just north of Route 5. Selling Chevron gas.

Phone: (804) 829-6030

Haupt's Country Store

Haupt’s Country Store
11911 John Tyler Memorial Highway

Full convenience country store with a deli serving pizza and fried chicken. Grocery items, auto supplies and and lottery tickets. Located on Route 5 near Charles City Courthouse.

Phone: (804) 829-2418

Sandy Point Superette

Sandy Point Superette
17701 John Tyler Memorial Highway

Fifty years a country store at this location. The Superette is conveniently located on Route 5 at Sandy Point Road and not too distant from Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area. Hunting and fishing supplies, deli and much more.

Phone: (804) 829-2593