Genealogical Databases

Volunteers at the Charles City County Center for Local History have created these databases to make the Center’s resources more widely accessible.  Check back regularly for updates and new features.

1870 Census

The 1870 United States Census of Charles City County provides important family information, but it also provides an interesting glimpse into history. The census was the first to enumerate freedmen. Thus, slaves previously listed simply by gender and age as taxable property were listed by name and by household.

Total records: 4,937

Free Negro & Mulatto Registrations

The registration of free Negroes and Mulattoes began in Virginia in 1793 with passage of a law that required free persons of color to register with the Clerk of Court in the county where they resided and to carry their “free papers” with them at all times.

Registration Years: 1823-1864

Marriage Database

This database includes marriages from a variety of sources. Most of the marriages come from the surviving Charles City Marriage bonds (1762-1849) and from Marriage Books 1, 2, and 3 and licenses on file in the Charles City Circuit Court Clerk’s Office (1850-1954).

Total records: 4,383
Last updated: April 2009

Revolutionary War Roster

Men from Charles City County played a part in America’s war for independence from its first days to its last. More than 250 soldiers, sailors and patriots are listed in this roster, but that number may be as little as half the total number of men who served.

Total records: 278
Last updated: Nov 2007

Slave Ancestor File

A common misconception holds that slaves did not have surnames until after emancipation and that the names they took after the Civil War were those of their former owners.

Total records: 707
Last updated: Dec 2006

World War I Database

About 200 men from Charles City County served in WWI. Most of the men were drafted under three conscription acts, the first of which was passed in 1917 only one month after the United States entered the conflict.

Total records: 966
Last updated: Sept 2010