Live in Charles City County Virginia
Some residents refer to Charles City as “the garden spot of the universe.”  Needless-to-say they consider it a great place to live.  Most of the county is undeveloped, and the population numbers about 7,000 residents. The courthouse area constitutes the county center.  Schools, government offices, libraries, a bank, doctor’s office and post office are all located there. Four country stores sell food and gas. The Roxbury Industrial Park is home to a number of small and medium-sized businesses.  The Sheriff’s Department and the Virginia State Police provide law enforcement.  The Charles City County Volunteer Fire Department (804-829-9228) and the Providence Forge Volunteer Rescue Squad provide emergency services. Volunteers provide a number of other services and activities. Local Houses of Worship constitute important networks for communicating with county residents. Bus service by appointment is provided by Bay Transit (804-966-7650).  The New Kent * Charles City Chronicle (804-843-4181) is the bi-monthly local paper. The Richmond Times Dispatch provides home delivery to Charles City addresses.

If you are new to the county and have questions please contact us.